How to Stop Spam Traffic from on my blog?


Hi Guys,

I have a blog on blogger and recently while browing through my analytics I saw my referral traffic goin fron 20 30 a day to 120 110 how can I remove ot brcause is not a good site and may harm my ranking. i tried some tutorials on the net but it did not help it looks so complicTed? Should i just disavow the link?

Thank You


Bro Too Simple… Just Disavow links by visiting Bing Webmasters Tool…!! I hope that may sortout your problem…!! Also, Sorry to state that Google doesn’t provide such option. Soon, I will write an article on this problem too to how to prevent from Webspammers on my Blog which is made to provide Tips to Blogger. Have a nice Blogging Experience.


Ya Sorry Bro… Google has also an option to diasavow links in Webmaster Tools, Visit Here :

Now, May Be that will make you more happier… Sorry for above as my mind got diverted as I was writing the post on my Blog On the topic Of Diff. B/w Black Hat and White Hat SEO tricks while viewed your article here.

Overall Enjoy Brother Now !!