How to stop spam comments on wordpress



I’m Naman Kumar admin/writer at Naman’s Board. My blog is on wordpress. It’s just happening that I’m getting 15-20 spam comments per hour. Although they are not being published as I’m using Akismet Plugin for protection but still it takes time to delete them permanently, also posting that number of comments eats up the banwidth.

Is there any other plugin they can evern be stopped from posting. Or can anyone find the source from where they are reaching my blog or which automated blackhat trick are they using to post such comments. So that I can make my blog blackhat proof.

Thanks in advance!


It may be of SEO services and some adult things etc etc.

Trust me I have received about 300-400 comments in last week.

I think u mean Akismet!

Its the best plugin, you can just mass thrash them after reading them or akismet will delete them after some time.


Hi @Nafees dry for the typo. Yeah I too get the same ammount of comments.