How to stop Receiving the Traffic from Unknown sources?


Hello Bloggers,

From the past two Weeks, I’m getting the traffic from the unknown sources. I know it is harmful to my Blog can anyone tell me how to stop receiving this traffic??

I’m expecting the answer from @mohammad I think he knows it very well.

Is this traffic effects my Adsense Account??


Hello Rajkumar!

This is definitely going to affect your adsense account and it can be counted as a harmful activity also Adsense policy is very intolerant or very strict about these kind of activities so this may also result in the suspension of your adsense account. I think so you should notify adsense about this by contacting them!


Hello @Nafees, We all are very proud of you, being so active in this forum. Keep helping others and also getting more, knowledge. I want to recommened you not to just give links in the post, actualy the main motive to post a query here, for someone is not just getting links, but to get the real solution. One can easily get that kind of posts in search results, but here one excepts us to give a complete answer. I hope you’ll understand. Keep participating in the forum. I’m always in your support. If you have any problem in blogging just drop me a line at or via PM or you can just simply reach me at my blog.


@NamanKumar Sure thing! actually a guy posted this link in the forum before and Few days ago I too got this type of spam traffic so it helped me that is the reason I attached the link over here because it may help him and also I tried to help him through adsense part.


Hello @Rajkumar, your query was very good, and actually many of us get referral or unknown trafic, but many don’t know about it as they are not very much familiar with Google Analytics. Please tell me have you integrated your blog with Google Analytics. So that in I can share/present you a guide, here itself, which I have made to help you. But it will now help if you are not on Analytics. So please tell me whether you have integrate your blog with it or not? :smile:


If thats the case chances are you have dropped links to your blog at some untrusted places. I think if your major traffic is coming from there, contact the site owner.

One quick question - Did you check your Google Analytics or your Blogger Stats?


@Rohan I never made a link building with such a sites, And that to the traffic is not coming from Indian sites they ar Russian, China and Taiwan sites.

As a Hacker, I already cross-checked for XSS attack and DDOS attack but find none of these happens, And I already done penetration testing also, even though didn’t find anything wrong.

This is actual problem @NamanKumar


I think you you forgot to let me know if you learned about the incoming traffic from Google Analytics or Blogger Dashboard?


Blogger Dashbord, I ha ven’t connected my Blog toGoogle analytics


I believe Google Analytics is much more accurate than Blogger stats.


Ok, @Rohan Thanks fro u r suggestion. I will try it