How to stop Google bot to index new blog


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I am building a blog that contains only 3 posts so far and I would like to stop Google bot to index my blog right now as I need a number of design customization of my template and other issues. Please advise me which way I can stop Google bot to not index my blog right now.

Another query: Which commenting system is ideal for blogger that increases engagement with readers?

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  • Go to your blog’s dashboard in blogger.
  • Go to Settings > Search Preferences
  • Then Custom robots header tags > Edit
  • Tic/check the following options:- Home page: noindex Archive and Search pages: noindex Default for Posts and Pages: noindex

This will help you.


Thanks @NamanKumar . Was another query. Could you please suggest which one should I use for increasing reader engagement rather than Spamming stuffs?


According to me, Blogger Commenting System is best for any blog. Mohammad is also using it on his blog (MBT). It have a clean design and easy to use. And to stop spamming, you should moderate your comments manually. This is the best way to take away spammy comments from your blog.

My second choice is Disqus Commenting System when we talk about design and responsiveness. The advantage with disqus comments is, it allow you to block some spammy words. But spammers can still leave spammy words using *. So again, the best way to take away spammers is manual moderation.

And about your problem, Naman has already given you the solution for it. But Blogger has given an option for this. Just go to Basic Settings and Under Basic, Click on ‘Privacy’ and choose ‘No’ on both of the options. (as shown in picture)-

lastly, Click on Save Changes Button. Isn’t it simple? :smile:

Hope It Helped You!..


The answer given by @Shivansh answers it well. Simply remove your blog from Google blog listing and Search index by choosing the two options given on Settings > Basic > Privacy


Thanks a lot indeed both of you @Mohammad and @Shivansh. This is called wow community buddy. Its rare to get such wonderful and prompt response from other forums and groups. Thanks again both of you.



you are more than welcomed. Pleasure helping you :innocent: