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Salam and Hi All :stuck_out_tongue: i have a question which is related to many Portions of Blogging … Can any one or admin tell me,… is assigning single posts to many categories or labels in Blog count as plagiarism ? means if i have 5 Labels A,B,C,D, and E and post X then i assign X to All Labels A,B,C,D,E…is this count as plagiarism ? it will effect Google Adsense policies ? Thanks in Advance :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi @junaid_juni, Interesting question indeed!

According to me, I don’t think this can be counted as plagiarism. A post can have any number of suitable and relevant labels.

And I don’t think it would violate any Google AdSense policies.

I look forward to see what others have to say on this.

  • Rohan Chaubey.


@junaid_juni Dear,

You should not worry about this, we can assign multiple labels to a single post. Its not coming in plagiarism. Yes you should keep in mind the following thing while assigning label to a post.

1: Always do assign relevant label to a post. For example, you wrote about 5 Plagiarism checker tools. then its label should be ( Tools, Plagiarism, or Checker Tools ) not the irrelevant like. template, tech or blogging.

2: Keep your all labels limit upto 20 labels.

3: Assign maximum 5 labels to per/post.

4: Label name should not increase more than 3 phrases. for example.

valid label names: blogging tips, SEO tips, Blogger Templates, Checker Tools. SEO

Invalid label names: 5 free online checker tools, Top Best SEO Tips,

You can create the three phrases label name, but it give nonsense, label should be maximum of 2 phrase.

I hope you found my answer the best one!


I liked the answer by @Templatezy , He explained it better than me.

I would just add that it makes no sense when a post is labelled 5 times. Why would a post belong to 5 or more different categories at a time? This simply confuses the user and distorts the user experience. This is one reason why we often tag posts no more than twice.


Thanks bro, you explained in detail :stuck_out_tongue:


@junaid_juni You are most welcome!