How to Start a new Blog & Optimize it Effectively To Receive Good Traffic?


Hello As, After Reading the Title, You might know, what I am going to talk About.

I am Creating a New Blog and Deleting all My Previous Blogs. So Both of you, @Mohammad & @Rohan have 1 popular blog. I want to know how you had started your blog and start getting traffic when your blog was a child blog. I also need some suggestions about Blog name, keywords, description. Below, I have shared all tips and tricks which i want to post on my new blog.

  • I will hack widgets from popular blogs and post them in my blogger blog
  • Blogger Tips
  • SEO Optimizations for Template
  • SEO Optimized, Responsive Templates
  • Many More About blogger.

I Promise, I will Never Copy Posts from Another Blog

So, What will be the perfect name for my blogger blog? And Also, Should I need to buy a domain for it to get good ranking? I will create my own template but you have to guide me and suggest some SEO Tweaks for my template when my template will ready and I will give you the xml file for review to Mohammad Bro and Rohan.

And, I know, how to create a template and also know that how to make that templates responsive but I can’t think design and widgets for mobile. Can You Guys make my template responsive? And I will study your given template to recognize how you made it and what you chosen for mobile.

Kindly Please Don’t Give any Post’s Link. Just tell me in Message :smile: smile:

Note: I am Collecting Suggestion and will apply these on 18-Mar-2015



I have a good domain name.I hope now it is available. Can i tell that name to you? Definitely if others see this name they will try to buy this name. Characters of domain name:10.Number of words for the domain name:3


Ok @Mohammad Bro, You have changed the title of post. Now, Can You Please Tell me about your thought and what you do when starting Tnt By Stc? (MBT)


Any Here to give this answer? @Rohan, @templatezy, @Mad, @Mr_Raja, @bloggingceo @fadlybiluping, @Samurai ??


Hi @Shivansh, If we don’t reply we are busy doing something else. And I am sure all of us will reply to your queries without ignoring them. So a bit of patience is needed here. :slight_smile:

Talking about getting good traffic, Okay, I can only guide you about the quality of the posts and getting maximum shares, traffic and comments. Most importantly what you first need is quality content and loyal readers.

You need to make a social media strategy. Share your content/posts effectively on social media. Share it to your maximum capability but do not sound like being spammy. There is a very thin line between extensive sharing and spamming.

You can take inspiration for other good bloggers but do not copy their content. It can harm yours as well as their rankings on search engine.

As I have already suggested you to join blogging communities and learn and share with others. You will get to learn a lot and at the same time you will get your initial loyal readers. :slight_smile:

Talking about the design, focus on typography more and avoid fancy widgets and plug-ins. They don’t matter. What matters is your content and your relationship and engagement with your readers. Get a clean and neat design. Get your logo and blog name done.

I suggest you to have your blog name as Blogginghub[dot]com or anything you feel would go well with your content.

I am sure you will do well and I wish you all the best. :smiley:

  • Rohan Chaubey.


i can ans few of most required:

  1. Must have simple domain name, relevant to website content

  2. Best Keywords

  3. Template (Simple View, responsive, Less Adds, Unique Design, …)

  4. Proper Meta

  5. Feed, FB, twitter, Linked …etc Social

  6. Indexing and Submit in Top Search Engines

  7. Content SEO (best Content using top Keywords in Content, no copy past)

  8. Internal & Eternal links

  9. Keeping relevant & more related widgets to hold Users for minutes (Decrease bounce rate)

  10. Fast load before 3 Sec max, Good Mobile Site, Apps

  11. Configure Google Analytics to Monitor


I think you just need to choose a name that you are comfortable but related to the theme of your blog. Might as "Blog Entries, Blogs From The Base, and the other names

you usually more comfortable when choosing the name it self


Thank You All for Giving that Amazing Suggestions to me. Specially @Rohan. The Blog Name and Domain you told is really fabulous but it has been taken :frowning:,, are taken away! and Also, is taken away!

Can You Guys Please Tell Me Domain Suggestion After Checking it Through GoDaddy Search?

Friends, Are .co domain are good for tech blogs or bad?


Hi Shivansh, You can also have domain having your name in it.

Talking about .co, I think it sounds similar to .com and my opinion as a user, I will always prefer typing .com at the end. So if someone types your blog name with a .com [by mistake] you might (a few chances) see a drop in traffic.

But if we investigate much deeper, I have noticed twitter using .co extension. Have you ever noticed something like this -

I look forward to read your views.

  • Rohan.


.co is going to very popular in world. After I Google more about this, I found that Google Treat .co as .com domain in SEO and in Ranking. That’s why Twitter is Using it. :smile:


Oh great. If that is the case then I don’t think there is any harm is buying .co domain. Good Luck.


Why Did you delete your previous Blog?

I visited your previous blog but it was all gone, seems like you deleted it but why? That blog could act as a precious source of backlink for your new blog and you already had some good posts on it then why throwing all your efforts in trash? Never throw Hard-earned things in dustbin because you never know when they work out for you!

What Topics To Publish as your Blog Posts?

Write on anything as long as it is based on a specific niche and is related to your content and most importantly, it is unique (First time heard) in every sense. You can go with the categories you mentioned and take inspiration from mbt too for choice of labels.

Can you use .co Domain Extension?

.co will make you unique so you can surely get along it. I have never used it but it looks pretty different because they have a strong community and are collecting domains and helping starters along. Since this domain extension is new so you will be able to register your favorite domain but make sure you don’t steal someone else’s brand name and better invent yours. is a nice choice though.

How To Optimize the New blog for Traffic?

Apply the basic SEO settings that we shared on mbt. SEO is no rocket science but just configuration of a platform’s structure to make it readable for both site readers and robots. Avoid over optimization techniques and just apply the SEO tips that we already shared on our blog.

Traffic comes from these Healthy Habits of a Blogger

  1. Write rich quality Content by sharing unique tips, tutorials and guides. Avoid out-dated stuff and keep writing on trending stuff. Never adopt someone else’s style and better add your self-invented flavor to your blog to become the first YOU!

  2. Ensure to write posts with no less than 500 words to avoid penalties. Post daily or on alternate days at a fixed time. Avoid posting on random timings to stabilize crawl rate and indexing.

  3. Make network friends and backlinks will come naturally because people love referring friends and quality content.

  4. Write guest posts after 4 months but don’t add your blog link in signature, rather add it inside the post body.

  5. Keep this habit while writing a post

  • Write no less than 500 words
  • Add no more than 3 internal links related to topic
  • Always add a meta description within 145 characters and keep title length non-generic and within 66 characters.
  • Always optimize both title and permalink. Follow tips from mbt
  • Use Headline tags to increase readability of your content and add media too. Avoid writing dull plain text posts.
  • Never hesitated linking to authority sites or related sites but add nofollow to social media sharing button links, affiliate sites and pages which require a login
  • No-index Affiliate posts and nofollow all links to affiliate sites
  • Always interact with your readers and reply each comment
  • Follow the design structure of mbt or any other blog to organize content on your site
  • Work hard and keep asking questions


Please don’t take it as self promotion but I would like you to read one of my post on " Craft SEO Friendly Blog Post Using 6 Easy Steps " this will help you.


@Mohammad, Thank You so much for these suggestions. I will try to keep these habits while writing a post. and as you written:



That blog was well indexed and you could use it to add backlinks to your new site


oh right! Well, I can undelete it within 90 days. :smile:


Nice post. Thanks for sharing. Tho you could have sent Shivansh the link via a private message. :slight_smile:


SEO starts before blogging. Don’t write random contents. Always try to write good quality SEO friendly contents(above 500 words) which you have expert or more knowledge. Keep on mind that, you are writing for your readers, not for search engine.

If readers love your post, then they’ll sure come again.


I cannot give as detailed answers here as others have given, as I have tried many many SEO methods and failed miserably. However, I can tell you why I get 90% organic traffic on my blog.

I wrote content that people liked.

I created a blog about hacking, wrote a post, and forgot about it, continued with my life. One day I checked blogger and noticed one of my posts was getting 300 page views per day. After looking at the stats, I found that my post had been mentioned in an article and hence got a lot of direct traffic. That traffic motivated me to write more, and I now have nearly 50 posts on my blog ( while some are low quality, at least 10 of them are the best on the internet in what they promise to do. If the post title says hack WEP wifi, then you are going to hack a WEP wifi before you leave my website : exaggerating but you get the idea).

Time passed and I kept getting really good number of backlinks from high quality websites. People read my content and they liked what I posted, I got backlinks and believe me, a backlink from a high page rank website in a related niche works wonders more than any SEO trick can do. If you want to create a mini wiki sites, and Jimmy Wales likes it and creates a dofollow link to your wiki on the homepage of wikipedia, then you’re set for life (no you won’t rank higher than wikipedia but the authority you gained in a second would have taken months of hard work).

So just keep posting good content, try to get genuine backlinks from websites having related niche (more is not better, quality over quantity, a link from a cooking website will not help my hacking website). That’s my experience. Now my blog has enough traffic that the efytimes article makes no difference (actually their link is now pointed to the domain which I lost due to a problem with blogger, they deleted my blog, I have my custom domain but not the blogspot one)

PS: Don’t create a blog about everything. Find out what you’re good at, and write about that and only that


I was create my first blog at 2013. Due some reason. I was stop blog. I want to start it again plz visit my blog and guide me for it’s seo, topic or any thing else. I am new user. Plz sir guide me for the same. I want to start my part-time job on this way.