How to show post title first before site title in facebook


Hi everyone it’s my first post in this forum. Can anyone please give me a solution, my site is a blogger site and whenever I post a link of my website in facebook it always shows site title first before post title. Although in Google search there is no problem, it shows post title first before site title. Is there any solution for it ? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Are you referring about the meta tags? You can just interchange the two in your template.


Brother please take a look at this screenshot - http://, here I shared a post of its showing only post title along with a thumbnail photo and a short preview.

Now please see this screenshot - http://, Here I shared a post of my website, and its showing site title then post title along with thumbnail and preview.

Now, how to show only post title along thumbnail and preview in facebook like mybloggertricks. I mean I dont want to show site title. it makes the whole line bigger and confusing. Thanks.