How to show H1 in Blogger's Blog Title?


Howdy folks,

On the above link the method was produced by Sir. Mustafa Ahmed Zai in order to make the blogger blog title as h1. For example. This is my site for sure and my blog title is Green World - Greeny Tricks for Blogger, I want to make this text, I mean blog’s title as h1 as said in very first post. But the main reason I could did the following methods because when I am going to find

and both are not appearing in my blogger custom template. How I apply the mentioned method to my blogger theme? Thanks in advance, Best, Shakir Hassan



  1. Find id='Header2' OR id="Header2" in Your Blogger Template.
  2. Below It you you will find code mentioned in
  3. Follow Instruction in this post.

If you still have the problem, then ping me up.


Robin Singh