How to show download button in sidebar?


My question is very easy and simple… How we can show a download buttons in sidebar of a blogger blog… I tried a lot but in vain…

I see download buttons in side bar in templateism and some others… Can any body Know please help me??

And my blog now shoing any live perviews as other can show

like this



Nothing but using jquery to do this job

The Download and preview button not in the template the are putting it manually in the post editor and use this jquery code to , just go to their site and disable plugin and javascript to see how they do it

	$('#rsidebar-wrapper .download_theme:first-child .down_but').modal();


Bro Magic ho gya… But how I can Do this… I also want to add down button in side bar


Add a blank html widget in your website and your download button in your post, then message me or comment here


How to add blank widget…?? I tried but it not saved.


Add html wigdet and just put anything inside it