How to show content with class on post as an html widget?


I have a download blog and so, I want to preset a download button and when I add a link with specified class in it, it should be added to that button pre-fixed as a widget in the same page… How can I do this? Please help… Help with code please… Any help would be appreciated…


Firstly add the class css in your template and then after going to post switch to html and then add <a class="your class" href="your link url">Download</a>

This will definitely work for you :smile:


I think this will help. But i don’t know how to do that with CSS… Can you please give me some code which places the button just below the post area?

All I want is that to show a button if I add that class with link in post, and never show the button in the post alongside being shown where I add it… Please help,…