How to show an image on homepage under the headline with specified class in post?


I have a blog setted up to work as a no login social media. Which means anybody can make posts in it without making an account or logging in anywhere. I’ve used the email to post technology in blogger to make it.

And so I want to show the post author’s picture under the headline on homepage. But one problem that It is a no login social media and so No users are making their account in blogger and being author in my blog. But I know that there is a trick which can be used to show a picture with specified class in the Post, to the homepage by using that class!

So please help me with code. I want to make it show the user profile picture.

All I want is just to know how to make a picture with a pre-defined class shown in the homepage under the headline.

Any help would be appreciated.

(Exactly a user needs to upload their profile picture every time as there is no feature to add login system in blogger. And uses email to post to publish those.)


I don’t have a solution but I would like to give a tip Your contact bar at the bottom of the page hides the credits of template creator this can result as a hiding strategy and can violate the Common attributes of the licensee so please remove the contact bar or shift it anywhere


I don’t understand what you are talking about, Please make it clear and let me understand what you just meant by that. What contact bar should I remove? Or where should I move it to?


you shall move it to some other place as i said before that It can result in ban of your blog


Which of my blogs are you talking about? And what to change? Please explain



I am talking about the live chat floating widget


Is it bannable to have a chat help widget on my blog? Is it violating anything? Why should I remove it?


@Nafees Oh I understood what you meant. I wasn’t trying to hide credits. I’m gonna remove that chat widget right now.