How to show all post of a single label on a blogger page


I am talking about sitemap(Table of contents). I want to show all posts of a single label on a blog page. For example there is a label named “Tutorials”, I want to show the posts of Tutorials label on a blog page. How to make this thing work. Help me please…



Hey Buddy,

Follow the steps given below.

  1. Edit Page in Blogger editor.

  2. Choose HTML mode.

  3. Paste below Code into It.

    .tocpage {border:1px solid #f86e7d;} .tocpage ul {margin-top:10px;} .tocpage ul li{padding:5px 0px;}


    Now Change YOUR-URL-HERE with your Blog url. and LABEL-HERE with label.


    Robin Singh


    @syncboost Thanks for sharing the code…