How to show 3rd party blog content on blogger homepage?


I am building a big lyrics site on blogger. By default on root domain i will post bollywood lyrics and on subdomains i will post other industry’s lyrics.

I want to show other industries posts which are on different blogger blog on my main blog homepage i.e

anyone has ant idea by which i can do such thing ??

I want to show them in the same style in which my recent posts are showing on home page.


Hey, @Lyricsxpress.

There are two ways to do this -

1- Use iframe tags to get the content of other blogs. 2- Use Blogger JSON feeds to get the content of the blog and then use javascript to loop it and print it on the page.

If you want to use the 2nd method, then this guide will be helpful - :link:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


@Nitishk Thank you very much.

And what about the style ??

I want to use mybloggertricks landscape recent post widget, but have not found any coding for that.

Could you provide me the full coding of landscape widget. I want only thumbnail and title of the post.

waiting for your reply. Thanks once again for your help.


Landscape recent posts widget?

Are you talking about this -




Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks @Nitishk

Help Me @Nitishk @Mohammad

You have solved my one problem. But have not solved the other one.

We want to show the posts in this style. if you have a complete code of this widget then pls share with us.

Thanks Vikas Jaat