How to share posts automatically on Facebook page?


First Thnxs Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai for this platform ok u r Awosam Bro M Very Appreciate Please Make a Script To Automaticly Post In Face book ? Like Authorized App In Wordpress
Waiting For Your Replay !! :smile: and any alredy Posted Toh Plz Link me i m bladly waiting for It

Waiting Frindz


You can use automated tools like IFTTT or or Hootsuite


@Hassan, Feedburner does not offer for auto post to Facebook, it offers only to post on Twitter.

@mukul_n, you have to use IFTTT , as @sasikareti suggested.


@VishalChopra But we can connect Twitter with Facebook and check the auto post tweet on facebook. So it works.


@Hassan, Yaa you right. Thanks for this…


@VishalChopra You are welcomed brother. Every thing is clear now.


But with IFTTT there are lots of posts unnecessarily added by this site and it looks spamming.

Can we manage this site to post what we want only?

Mohinder Paul Verma