How to Setup URL Mapping Before Changing Domain Name


First of all thanks for your precious Support in past…!!

Today i have another topic about SEO Setting, before changing domain name.

I decided to change my domain name from old to brand new domain name, So when i search about it on google there is a important step on changing domain name,

Experts said before changing domain name prepare a URL mapping from the current URLs to their corresponding new format.

There is any way for blogger URL’S Mapping or its not important for changing blogger blog domain name.

I hope for helpful answers. Thanks


@mybloggertricks Actually what you are doing , Are you going to change the current blog domain to an another one ?



Yeah, Muhsin you are right, i gonna change my blog domain name from old to new one…!!!


@mybloggertricks i think it is a hard process , Me also need to know ‘How to do this’ Because it will also help me .


Hmm, Then wait until a expert personality reply my question…


Hello friends, I am new here. According to me you do not have to do anything for it.



I hope so but according to SEO Experts there is lot of things which i need to setup before changing domain, (i.e 301 redirect old to new, url mapping, submit sitemap, submit report to webmasters tools, and tell them my site url is changed bla bla bla,

So i just confused aboit url mapping… how can i setup that.


This one really helps me in Future as i’m also planning to charge my Domain name. Let some Expert reply on this Good thing.

As I gone through :

  1. It is strongly recommended to use 301 redirects in PHP header redirects/ .htaccess redirect (effects in PageRank values, links, anchor text data etc).
  2. Use the Change of Address tool in Google Webmaster Console
  3. Update the important Backlinks (which we linked in Content)


I liked that both @mybloggertricks and @Sandhya have a clear idea of what they want to do.

URL mapping or URL redirecting of old domain and its sub-files is related to your hosting account only. Previously that was done with some custom scripts for .htaccess file but now most cPanels have the URL Mapping tool that does it. You also need to select the Wild card redirect option to ensure all posts/pages are redirected to same location on the new domain when accessed from Search engines or backlinks.

To make it work with blogger you just need to update the Cname records for the new domain and remove the old cname records from the OLD domain. Submit the new domain in blogger then.

Be reminded that it will effect both your traffic and PR in a short run but things will stabilize with time. Takes around 1-2 months for all links to be 301 redirected in both Webmasters and Google index.



Dear please can you explain your instructions little bit more…!! Sorry for that :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you contacted your webhost regarding it? They can better help you with it for free .

Which webhosting company are you registered with?