How to setup subdomain for hosting?


Hello there!

I am thinking of buying a domain name for my blog.but as MBT has its subdomains (of hosted on hostgator and the main domain is on blogger so I want to ask how to do that If I register with bigrock and for hosting I choose Bluehost or some other free hosting program.

I actually think that we can not register subdomains on hosting providers right? If wrong then please show me how to do that!

~thanx :blush:


Hello nitishk thats not my question please first understand it :smiley:


Yes you are correct that you cant register sub domains on hosting providers but you can use hostgator as it provides hosting as well as domains :slight_smile:


You are still not answering to the point,i want to host a www domain on blogger and else all on a host as MBT has done.