How to setup sub domain on blogger?


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I am using a blog with custom domain, for example now I want to create a a new blog with sub domain of my domain as for example on blogger. I bought domain from bigrock. Please guide me for this. Kindly Provide me expert solution. I am hoping it is best once to solve my problem.

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How to setup subdomain for hosting?

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Now Lets Solve Your Problem-

Follow These Steps Carefully-

  1. Login To BigRock Dashboard And Then Click On Your Domain-

2.Now Find “DNS Management” and then click on “Manage DNS” button.

3.Now one popup window will appear, in which click on “CNAME Records” tab. And Click on “Add CNAME Record” button.

4.In Host Name field write =“Your subdomain name (e.g. contact)”. And in value field insert following URL = “”. Then, Click on “Add Record” button.

5.After completing all above steps, you have to map it to your blogger blog. For this, please follow these steps.

6.Log in your blogger Account, Go to setting > click basic button. Click On Add Custom Domain> Switch to advanced settings > Type your subdomain name (e.g. and click Save button.

7.For this you have to create a new blog (e.g. for mapping your subdomain without deleting your custom domain. So that, you can host both your primary domain and subdomain.

Hope These Steps Work For You :smile:. If This Worked For You Please Press :heart: Button.

How to do Custom Domain Setup on Blogger with

Bigrock have any limitation on creating sub domains. How may sub-domains we can create in bigrock ???



Cam you specify this method for GoDaddy? :blush:


Here Is How -

Step 1 Sign in to your GoDaddy account. Click on “My Account,” and then click on “Domains.” Click “Launch” beneath “DNS Manager.”

Step 2 Click on “Edit Zone” next to the domain name you want to use.

Step 3 Click on “Add Record,” and then select “CNAME (Alias).”

Step 4 Type the desired subdomain name in the “Alias” box. In the “Points To” box, type the following:

Step 5 Click on “Save Zone File.”

Step 6 Sign in to your Blogspot account. Click on “Settings.” Click on “Publishing.”

Step 7 Click on “Advanced Settings,” and then type your custom subdomain in the “Your Domain” box.

Step 8 Fill out the word verification puzzle, and then click on “Save Settings.” Choose whether or not to redirect the primary domain to the subdomain.



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