How to set thumbnail for YouTube videos?


Hi. I am trying to add YouTube videos in blogger post. The videos are uploaded but the video thumbnails are not visible when my post published. what is the reason behind it? or is it error in my template? Please suggest some useful techniques to get out from this issue. Thank you.


A Useful link here for you… :slight_smile: :smile:

Hope you’ll get the solution

Display Youtube Video Thumbnail in Blogger


Good One. Thank you. its very useful. Whatabout JavaScript technique to extract YouTube Video Images dynamically from the blogger JSON feed and will display Video thumbnails automatically next to each post containing a video Iframe…


Your Answer Of This Question @Nitishk, @Nafees or @Shivansh May Give you better… because i’m still beginner :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Anyways, Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: