How to set a different Static homepage for Mobile version?


I would like to have a different static homepage for the mobile version of my website, not the “recent entries” static page.For instance, there is a section in my blog called “drawings” so I would like to set that one instead of the basic static page that blogger displays for mobile versions.

Can this be done by any plugins or should it be done by coding? I don’t want to use a theme switcher or something like that, I just want to have a different static page set for mobile devices.It would be awesome if it could be done using just CSS to set some sort of simple redirection or something similar.

Anyone knows how to do this?



You can’t set a different homepage but you can use Blogger’s conditional tags to hide the content for mobile users (or to only show content for mobile users).

I wrote a blog post on this particular subject which I applied it to hiding my sidebar and footer area but the concept works on everything from CSS, to JS to a particular set of content on the website.