How to removethis footer bar at the bottom?


Hey guys, I would really like to get rid of that annoying bar at the bottom of my blogger pages. I want to remove it because of its bad look.Its is one of those things that appear on the pages footer right above the Main page button placed at the end of the page itself.


A link to the blog would be helpful so that others can find the element responsible for the bar. Then you probably only have to go Dashboard > Template > Customize > Advanced >Add CSS and set the element to display: none.


Hi! Thanks for the reply.Apparently the elemnt is called:

.post-footer { /* margin: 20px -2px 0; / / padding: 5px 10px; / / color: #888888; / / background-color: #303030; / / border-bottom: 1px solid #444444; / / line-height: 1.6; */ font-size: 90%; }

I dont know how to remove it.Any clue?

  1. Go Dashboard > Template > Customize > Advanced >Add CSS
  2. Copy and paste the following code in the box under “Add custom CSS”:

.post-footer{ display: none !important; }
3) Click “Apply to Blog” (top right corner)
4) Click “View Blog”. Check the blog and let me know if the space is still there. Just so you know for future reference, the element would be “.post-footer” while the rest of it between the brackets would be its value(s). Anything between a “/" and a "/” would be “commented out”, which means that the values for margin, padding, color, background-color, border-bottom, and line-height are disabled and have no effect.


Thanks man!! It absolutely worked.There´s nothing but the background color ! Your tip was really useful. Thanks a lot. :grinning: