How to remove the render blocking Javascript and CSS in the above the fold content?


Hello, this is my first post… my blog is


when i test the website on page speed insights, i get critical notifications for render blocking javascript for


how to correct this error?? before i had 2 render blocking javascripts and included it in the template itself as per @Mohammad suggestion and it was eliminated… now this is the one which i want to get rid of… next is my render blocking CSS… can anyone help me how to get rid of those critical errors??


Your Pagespeed score is 79 which means your blog load time is just excellent and you don’t need to bother about minor errors shown by Pagespeed insights because these minor errors related to JS scripts are present on all sites and Google recommends fixing the slightest of errors but when it comes to practical grounds such errors do not effect load time or search traffic effectively so you can get along with them :innocent:


thank you @Mohammad … As per your tips, i reduced the javascript request by making them included within the template just before (nearly 3 javascript files) and thus my template size increased and now it became 128 KB which tells me that the blog is taking extra round trips to render the page… is it okay? I placed the javascript one below the other within a single script… like

script js file 1 js file 2 js file 3 /script

will the javascript work?? also can i make the script asyncronous as the js files does not change… if so will it affect any SEO part??


I already said this to another comment. You have to do several work for this problem. First you have to minify your all existing css or javascript code. Just search on google css or javascript minify you will find tons of free tool. Secondly you have to use the asynchronous version of any javascript or css code. Thirdly you have to remove blogger default css and javascript bundle. Fourthly you have to compress image before uploading via photo compressing free online tool and also have to compress the existing pictures you uploaded.