How to Remove The Bad Back-links Which Point to My Blogger Blog


Hello my friends …
One of my friend blog have two many bad back-links which point to his website . What he don’t know what he want to do now .
Is there is any possibility to avoid the bad back-links which point to his blogger blog ?
If there any … Please share them … Please


Look bro i think there is no advantage in removing those back links. This has also been happened to me and what i did was contacting the admin of blog and getting that link removed. You can do the same to remove those bad back links. :smile:



You can use a Google Disavow file and remove the links from domain level. This will remove the links pointing to his blog within a week or 2.


I tried it but i can’t upload the list of bad backlinks , Google Disavow tool showing some error while i upload the list .


Can you please be more specific, take a screenshot of the error and show it here so I can tell you if it is good or not they way you are uploading them. :wink:


I used SEOProfiler tool to find the badlinks …



If people does not remove bad backlinks, then Google gives penalty to that website. Yes sites like and don’t use google disavow tools, because they are also getting trusted links from others. So if any site only getting bad backlinks, then he/she need to use google disavow tools.

@MUHSIN_MOHAMED_PC, Make sure, you are the owner of that domain, otherwise you can’t do it. Here is example of mine text file, that I uploaded in Google Webmaster Tools.



@Arjunsinh_Chauhan … Thanks man … I already did it …


Hello It’s Pretty Easy! Check I Have Written An Article For It : How To Remove Bad-Baclinks? Hope This Gonna Help You For Sure! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: