How to remove "Test this stream" Button below blogger comment box


Hey When I visit my blog then I’ve noticed that "Test this stream " below comment box , youtube video . see screenshot -

Can you please visit my blog and any solution please


Just search this piece of code:

<a class="streamtestButtonLink" --- ><span class="streamButton">Test This Stream</span></a>

And remove it. Save your template and you’re done. :smile:


Thank but I can not find above your any code… :frowning: any other method


So try to find Test This Stream and remove whole chunk of code related to it.


Try your method but Not found :frowning:


Don’t search TestThis Stream, Search Test This Stream (with spaces) and if not found, them search only Stream. If will present below comment box code.


Bro try all method - Test This Stream /streamButton/streamtestButtonLink all but not found any above code


So may be it is present in a javascript file. :frowning:. Try to find:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


found? If it is not present, just go to DMCA badge widget through layout and check if this script is present their.


@Shivansh right bro DMCA badge


Remove that script and save it and then see if the badge show up.


Now all ok bro :slight_smile: thank you so so very much :smiley:


welcome brother. I am glad that is worked for you. Keep asking… :smile:


thank you guys you help me so much :smile:


I was just going to Help You But You were already Satisfied with Shivansh Post. That`s Great !!! you got Solution .Keep Visiting BHF