How to remove slider from blogger template?


I want to remove upper slider from my educational blog But fail, when ever i find difficulty i write on this forum and valuable members guide me nicely, I hope this time also.I am sharing its snapshot.

after editing they are looking like two boxes, i want to remove both of them. Thanks the admin providing such a valuable guiding forum.


Add this css above ]]></b:skin>

#nav-wrapper , #sliderTimer-wrapper  {display: none !important;}


Thanks Dear Nafees, It is awesome, it works beautifully, Jzak Allah.


Always welcome! and your website is also very nice. I downloaded 4-5 books :grinning:


I uploaded this template today,the second issue is some of the previous posts are overlapping like To Kill A Mockingbird and Education and Learning. the posts i am recently adding are working fine, is there any solution?


Its simple. Try to edit the post and add lots of empty space ( Which will be nothing but “br” tags ) This will leave some space I think so !!!


Thanks Dear Nafees, if new posts are working fine than there will be issue of space Again thanks Dear Nafees, I was little bit in worry but now satisfied.