How To Remove Sitelinks And Improve Site Description Appearance?


this not my post description and why philofaxy shown down to my post, what is this

I don’t know whats Philofaxy and why my decription is not shown. this is shown in bing search


I had a nice tutorial on site links but now that blog has been shutdown. :pensive:

anyways edit the desc meta tag and in the blogger settings page and then refresh cache wait for a hour sitback while having coffee or playing mario and see the results


You can remove that links by placing this meta tags below <head> tag in your template:

<meta name="google" content="nositelinkssearchbox" />

Wait for some days and that links will get removed.

For description issue, just follow this tut by Helplogger:

Adding a Meta Description to Blogger | Helplogger

-Shivansh Verma


shivansh this is shown in bing search engine


No idea about bing. You can google it. :frowning:


Woulden’t you say bing it? Because your on bing and not google.


I said Google because I trust on Google Algorithms more than bing’s. :smile:


Bing and Google both can neglect your meta description as per use query. To check your meta description on Google, you should search this. start blogging for money