How to remove sidebars from certain pages


Hi, I am new to this and I am trying to figure out how to remove the sidebar (widgets?) from certain pages of my blog such as Privacy, Disclosure and my Amazon store page. I want it on my posts but for one thing, my Amazon store is partially hidden behind it. Also, I think it looks kinda tacky on the other 2 pages. Anyone who can help me would be greatly appreciated. I have searched till I am blurry eyed.


Hello @msbecky12 I Found Answer for you just read the tutorial in the given link-

Hope This Works For You :smile:


while editting your page in html, you can add this

#sidebar-wrapper{ display:none !important;} 
#main-wrapper { width:100%!important;} 

assuming you use chrome, which is easier, right click on your first sidebar widget, select inspect element, and find the parent div, it should be #sidebar-wrapper ? if you really wanna make sure, in the right side panel at the top you’ll see{ }. click on it, type display: none; if it disappear then it is the corrent one.

hope that helps you somehow.