How to remove malware from blog?


Google has declared suspecious and malware to my blog. how can i resolve this issue free.

help me to find a proper solution.

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my blog address is

hope you will share a solution with me soon.

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Within my experience. there may be 3 cause,

  1. You are using a third parties ads. which distributing malicious software without user permission. Just try to remove all ads from your site.

  2. You are using some malicious JavaScript code. which is already declared malicious, like below,

var _0x7bf4=["\x32\x20\x78\x3D\x31\x72\x2E\x31\x6E\x2E\x4A\x3B\x32\x20\x46\x3D\x7

Just remove these JavaScript codes. Or it is advisable just change the blogger blog template.

And wait for a few days. Once, google verify your site. Then your sites will be normal.

  1. You are added a malicious download link to your blog.Just remove all these links.


Movie piracy is a crime and this is enough an evidence for your blog to not exist at all buddy. How would you feel when someone shares your hard earned paid product for free? Of course you would feel bad, same is the case when you share torrent links and downloads links for Movies which is surely a copyright violation. I am closing this topic because it needs no further discussion.