How to remove headings from sidebar gadgets in blogger?


Hey everyone, sometimes we wish to remove the headings from blogger gadgets, because they don’t appear nice. Like if we just want to make only the label cloud in the sidebar not its heading- “Labels” or any other if you have edited, appear in the sidebar. Here is a very easy way to do it.

Following is the way to remove heading from Label gadget.

Here in the about picture you can see the Label widget code and the heading line.

Now convert the heading line into a comment as shown in the pic.

You can easily revert back the changes by simply removing (comment syntax).

This trick applies to every widget on the blogger.

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Thank you!


Don’t fill the title when adding widget :innocent:


That will create a problem. When you’ll have to edit any widget in the template editor after some time then you’ll be very much confused in finding out its code segment. And also in some very basic templates the title on the blog will appear as " Html/Java Script". You we should follow this, I think so.


Your method is good, but your example is slightly misleading, because the widget “label2” has an empty string (that is: “” ) as its title, so it wouldn’t print anything anyway. A better example is the “popular” widget just above it in your pic.


Thank you so much @craig_fearing for telling me about this. Yes you are right. I forget to take that into consideration. Thank you. Keep helping this forum like this. :smile:


You are right that it is good to use a title in the widget itself so that you can understand which widget you’re dealing with when moving or deleting things in the blogger “Layout” management page. The method described here will leave it labeled on the layout page but prevent it from displaying on your blog. I think you’ll find you don’t really need to know which one is which when editing your template, but even if you do, the information is still there in the template code, it just doesn’t print on the blog page using the described method.


Oops. I thought I was replying to a particular comment just now, but I see these are not nested comments, so it may not be clear which one I was replying to. I’ll be more careful in the future. I was actually intending to comment on your reply to Mad. BTW, might it be a good idea to implement the MBT threaded comments stuff on this site? (wink)