How to remove duplicate URL from Search Result?



I need an advice to remove duplicate URL in Google’s Result. When I type my website in Google Search, I see there are two URL like - 1- www[dot]domain[dot]com/my-blog-post 2- www[dot]domain[dot]com/my-first-blog-post

Actually, I published my post as- www[dot]domain[dot]com/my-blog-post and after few hours I changed it to - www[dot]domain[dot]com/my-first-blog-post . Now I see , Both URL are indexed in Googe.

So, I need help/advice from you all to remove the duplicate URL (www[dot]domain[dot]com/my-blog-post) from Google Index.



@GKVish to remove any page from google use the google removal tool. Go to google webmaster >> your site >> in left menu click the google index option then you will see the removal tool. Use it to remove your page.


@GKVish, Hi!

What you have to do is, wait.

Google will automatically remove the URL which is being permanently (301) redirected to another URL. :slight_smile: