How to remove date from Google search description?


Hello, On checking how my posts appear on google, I noticed the search description starts with the date of posting(or maybe last updated date). I feel this will affect my site’s ranking with time and therefore want to remove it. If there is already an article on this, sorry for the trouble. Referreing to Blogger(Blogspot) in particular and not Wordpress or anything. Thanks


Sign in to your Blogspot dashboard. Click on “Settings.”

Click on “Design” then click on “Page Elements.”

Click on “Edit” on “Blog Posts.”

Move down to the “Post Page Options” box.

Click on the box next to the blog post date stamp. This removes the check mark, disabling the feature.

Click on the box next to the “At [time]” selection to remove the check mark.

Click on “Save” to remove the date and time stamp from your Blogspot blog.


Firstly, I would like to tell you that showing date, reviews, and author name are Google features and to show or provide author name, reviews or dates, we bloggers or websie developers use Rick snippets which are provided by Google.

It is Google’s feature so it won’t harm your blog’s SEO. So, just leave it as it is.

But if you have any other reasons for removing that date feature, then you can find datePublished text in your template and remove it. Now save your template and done. Wait for a couple of weeks and you will see the changes. :smile: