How to remove credit from footer In blogger Template


Hello can anybody helps me, how to remove credit from footer? I’m using free template from various of sites. Then this templates has included some credit links. So i want to remove them. So how can I remove it from my blog. And If i change, is there any problem? Waiting for your suggestion !!


Why you want to remove the credits? Think if you coded a 5000+ words template html and someone say that he coded that template then what will you do? Of course you would wish to kill him with a big riffle. Right?

And you now being like that ‘someone’. Don’t remove credits. Its just a very small link. What you have problem with it? And if you have problem, then just buy it by his owner.


I was wrong. Thanks for your concern. yea the main owner will deserve it


Thank for understanding. :smile: Hope you will leave the credits as it is.


As Said By @Shivansh You Should Respect Someone’s Hard Work. So Don’t Remove The Credit.Also Credit is just a link with dofollow attribute. Hope You Understand Now And Good Luck For Your Blog :smile:


We can easily tell you how to remove those scripts which adds credit links to the footer of blogger template and how to remove it so that when you edit the credit link your blog may not redirect back to the orginal designer but why would we teach you how to steal someone’s efforts?

I am really pleased with answer given by memebers here. And I advice the same that we should respect people’s efforts and never violate their copyrights unless taken their permission. Templates are really cheap in price these days, they cost just $20 and the removal of links costs just $5 which is equal to the cost of a simple Hamburger! So why not sacrifice a burger for a weekend and give its price money to the designer instead? :innocent:


Thank you very much for your reply bro. I’m a big fan of yours. Thanks again


I will never hurt the theme author doing this cruel thing. You can check my blog. One of my blog is using template from templateism and the second one is using one from Sora templates. Once I too though of removing that link but it is not fair. You can Buy that template to respectfully remove those credits.


You gotta get it in the footer.php file…i would have helped you more if you had given your site link.


this is a blogger help there is no footer.php in BlogSpot’s like WordPress :slight_smile:


Oh! I thought it was WordPress. Why don’t one uses WordPress rather giving preference to the blogspots.I personally never used blogspots. WordPress votes more than Blogger both in performance and user friendliness.