How to reduce Blog loading time?


Hello, friends…

I want to reduce the loading time of my Blog because it shows Impact on my page views

I analyze My blog loading score by using Google and it shows 42/100 for mobile and 49/100 to desktop

Can anyone show me the way to improve my Blog loading time

Thanks in advance


can you share your blog url, so that it can be easy for us to tell what improvement you can do on your blog to reduce the loading time.


@Rajkumar You can do that by simply … Avoiding the waste java-script and css in your site … Also try to reduce the image size in your blog …


My Bog url is


@Rajkumar Start using Cloudflare free CDN, that will be very effective to make your blog load faster.


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There are some best Ways to Reduce your Blog load time:

  1. Make your Blog Code Clean!
  2. Use a CDN Service like Cloudflare and try a Premium CDN if you can afford!

3.If your Blog is on Wordpress then use a Cache Plugin. For Eg: W3 Total cache will perform better.

  1. Use Image’s hosted on Some good Image Uploading Websites. As they have good and fast servers to host Images.

  2. Use Videos from Video Sharing Websites, because they have fast servers to host images. But Take care of Copyright Permissions too .


@Rajkumar Reduce the size of the images if your blog is on wordpress use wp smush it plugin for compress the images without lossing the image Quality


Thanks Harsh It’s great to hear from you. I’m your fan in Blogging


After See this reply, I’m direct go to Cloudflare and Install it. Thanks :grinning:


I searched fro your PageSpeed Insights using Google PageSpeed Insights Tool and found that your blog is having a very poor rank of 45/100. You can easlity increase it and make your website more fast by optimizing your images.

I optimize images on my blog using a very easy, user friendly and free online tool - optimizilla. This tool is really very helpfull. You just have to upload the image and it will automatically compress it. You can also adjust the quality of the new umage formed. It compresses your image very efficiently and reduces its size upto 70-90%. It also shows you the size of the new image. This tool is just amazing. Just give it a visit you will love it and if it helped you then just hit like for this post. :smile:

Happy Blogging!