How to redirect my blog domain to a naked domain?


Hi Everyone, Myself Asif Serwer from India. I am a new user and I started blogging newly. When I came to know about this forum it’s sounds good. I think it is the first and only blogger platform in the world. Thanks to the admin and all other users. My Query is:- My site is www(dot)drugmarch(dot)com I queried my topic in this forum and applied on my blog. :confused: But, didn’t work out. When I am trying, it’s not opening my site. Please Help me, I am a newbie. Registered domain on 2nd June, 2015.


Hello, thankyou for your sweet words about this forum.

Did you try this method? First go to settings> find your blog domain and click there edit and tick the check box which says Redirect to ‘

If this method doesnt work for you then wait for more experts.Most probably this.method works everytime :smiley:


Thanks Nafees for your valuable time spent for your kind response. The way you mentioned actually I tried it but not working. Thanks.


this is quite strange because this should work 100% @Mohammad Bhai Can you troubleshoot it?


Once again thanks to Nafees because for me you asked help from most talented Mohammad Bhai…I am also requesting him please help me.