How to Redirect Custom Domain in Blogger?


Hello Everyone!

I come up with new issue i.e related to domain redirect. Can this be possible in blogger platform? that if you have existing custom domain and you want to redirect to a new custom domain in blogger. Remember you can do this with the help of .htaccess if you are using other platform and have access of cpanel files. But here things are different Google will not allow you to access their server so how you can do that?.

Here is some twist that you can redirect blogspot blog to custom domain by going through below settings:

Blogger dashboard > Settings > Basic > Publishing > Blog address

But how to redirect existing custom domain to new custom domain in blogger :frowning:

Not sure whether it is the right section (SEO settings) to put such a query :slight_smile: though I have not found the good one.



You just have to buy your old domain for one more year and then forward it to your new domain. Like:

If you will open:

It will get redirected to:

So, you can too do this. If you need help, I can but only if you are on GoDaddy. :smile:


Well, you can use meta refresh tag in your blogger template(Paste it, anywhere between <head> to </head> tag) to redirect your main domain name to another.

But you can’t redirect specific blog post to another domain like to that is not possible.

But, you can do this, if you have some time and money for hosting.

  1. Migrate your old blogger domain to WordPress.
  2. In WordPress, you can specify specific redirect to any URL as you like, in that case, you can redirect your old domain post to new domain post.
  3. Then Use change of address tools from GWT


Hi Shivansh,

Thanks for your reply, though I was on holiday so not able to reply, well from 94 views I just got 2 replies duh! :sweat_smile:. Anyway yes I want the same redirection you did on to your facebook page. Could you please reveal the settings you have saved on Godaddy? I will share this with my DSP and confirm whether similar settings are available there or not.

Regards, Rah


Hi Arjunsinh,

You did a pretty good job here by sharing meta refresh tag source link, well I was already using it on my website and you know it works though it come up with some cons which I realize right after I added meta refresh tag to the head section.

So once you apply meta refresh code to your template and load your page it will ask you to login to your blogger account first until unless if you are already logged in you will be redirected to your suggested landing page or new custom domain. So it works but only if you are already logged in to your blogger account :cold_sweat:

Again here is another script but failed to work:

<script type='text/javascript'> var d='<data:blog.url/>'; d=d.replace(/.*\/\/[^\/]*/, ''); location.href = ''; </script>

Note: Place code right after tag, hope it works for others.


Rah :sunglasses:


There is no need of revealing the steps here. Just ask them for “Subdomain forwarding” or “domain forwarding”.



I asked becus I want to do it my way. Anyway not sure about whether my DSP help me in this or not. Shivansh is there any other way by placing some script on your template or something like this?. Well expecting more from you by seeing your Ninja tag :relaxed:




This can be done in another way also.

The trick is-

  • firstly by your old done for one more year.
  • now, set it up on your blogger blog (create a new blogger blog and then set it on it and make title- Just redirecting…).
  • Now, go to Blogger > Template > Edit HTML and replace the whole template with this:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <meta content='5;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>
    <b:section id='none'/>

And at last, replace YOUR_NEW_DOMAIN with your new domain and then the blog Just Redirecting… will redirect to your new blog.

It will not harm your SEO: because now you do you need SEO of the previous URL.