How to Recover from Google Phantom Update?


My Blog is hit by Recently Launch Google Phantom Update and My All Traffic & Earnings are Massive Drop. My Blog is Almost 2 years Old with 2800 Posts. Can anyone help me to Recover from Phantom & How to Increase My Blogger Traffic. This is My Blog is About Android Apps & Games.


Why no any Reply. I want help to Recover my Earnings & Traffic.


Hi @amit First of all sorry from all the members for the Late response. Maybe they haven’t seen your post till yet. Let’s come towards the Topic.

Google Phantom was a new Update from Google just like Panda, Penguin or others have hitted websites. It is a Page Level Penalty which affects pages not the whole domains.

So you have talked about “Recovering from Google Phantom”

Let me tell you how this update is rolling out:

It basically focuses websites with low content and ads stuffed websites.

So How to prevent or Recover?

  1. Avoid Ads Above the fold
  2. Don’t publish Duplicate content.
  3. Don’t use Self Starting Videos on Pages.
  4. Publish high Quality and finalized content.
  5. Avoid and Check for 404 Errors.
  6. Limit Number of shown comments on posts.

You also asked about ways to Increase your Blog’s Traffic!

Consider reading these Guides to Improve your blogs traffic and give a boost to it:

1. 7 Best SEO Practices to increase your Blog’s Traffic to 300%

2. Getting Low Traffic on Your Blog? Here is What to Do NEXT!

Want More help? Just PM me! Even You can also say me a Hi through PM. I am happy to expand my connections with fellow :smile:


Prince this is the perfect solution. I am totally agree with you. Unique and quality content is the only solution that can protect you from Penguin update. For more detail you can explore AllJobsHub - Tech blog section.


I think, you will like this…:grinning:

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