How to rank new website, Now Days.?


Hi, i make 2 month ago game download site. i start some make good social backlink like Facebook, google plus and other social sites. But after 2 month not rank any post please some guide me about ranking. How to Rank My Site in Google Search Engine, Bing & Yahoo. Thanks,


Social backinks like that are very easy what you need is a high pr site to have a backlink


You should do comments on other doffolow blogs on your niche but first of all keep in mind your site does not follow Google privacy or seo rules. after some time your site go to banned by the search engines. So you can stop this site and make your article blog to inform other this way you can make huge money by blogging.


I build a website i.e Top Full Games 10 months ago. But i am unable to rank any of its post. Please Help me.