How to Put This Text Ad in Adsense?


Hi guys,

I was wondering how to put this ad on my blog I don’t know what it is called. I would appreciate a lot if you guys can let me know how to put that ad on my blog, as well as where to put the code. I have two ads at the moment one is below post title and other is below post and can I put three ads inside post only? and nothing in the sidebar? Thank you in advance,


Anyone ? :frowning: @Mohammad I tagged you because No one replyed to my post its been 48 hours and same with one more post in which I asked the importance of rel=nofollow tag anymore :confused: I’d appreciate a lot if I could receive any help. Thank you



when creating ads in your Adsense choose link ad and get code you are good to go


Thank you very much for your help I appreciate it.