How to publish guest posts without giving out author accounts?


that’s a question in my mind from a long time, is there any gadget which allows to do this? or code like the one who want to write a guest post select his name, bio, write his post content and that’s it no need to add them as authors?

i am asking this because after writing guest post the author becomes useless but you need to keep them added?


You can ask him/her to submit the HTML file of the post and you yourself publish it. You can have a small introduction of them at the end of the post.

This is what is followed by most of the bloggers because giving someone author access can be quite dangerous. They might post anything without your consent. I remember one sad incident which happened at my blog. @Shivansh posted some posts and misused the author powers.

So yeah, things can turn ugly by giving out author accounts to the guest writers. The wisest approach is publishing posts yourself.

Are you okay with having their description inside the post area (at the end)?

~ Rohan.

P.S. Changed The Title.


I so agree with @Rohan!

Authors introduction and proper attribution can be added before the post or after the post but whichever works best for you.

If you’re confident with the guest poster, you can give him/her the contributor user role but expect that things can go nasty if anything happens.

Just my two cents.

~ Adeel