How to protect my blog images from Content Thefts?


Please Help !!! is my blog. I made Bengali love quotes, Bengali festivals,Bengali Comments…etc. Wallpapers and wish Images and upload to server. But last from two weeks this website use my all images to there website without attaching credit links and referring my site. So i lost my traffic. How to stop this image copyright violation?



You can write your blog name in small letter on your images on grey color like watermark.


I have Watermark to All Images… But When Someone searche at google or other Site search results are showing my Images but when click open to there site. This is my problem. :pensive:


Well, I think if the admin of is using your images with watermark, then by mistake he is advertising your site. You can put your blog url in images as water mark and when peoples see your images with url they will understand that this image is created by your blog and they will try to visit your site by the url your wrote on pictures


Thanks Brother… You tell me a Very good point ““then by mistake he is advertising your site”” . :smile:


welcome! :smile: I am glad that I am able to help you. :smile:


Looks like @Shivansh answered it well!

The only way to protect your images is to add a watermark. Windows Live Writer has this feature so you can utilize it before publishing posts.

And the other site is surely offering you free advertisement! :smile:


Thanks @Mohammad . I am glad that you reply. :smile: :heart_eyes: Thankyou !