How To Protect Adsense Account From Fake Click on Blogger?


I have known that fake click on adsense cause banned and there are many plugins to protect adsense account on wordpress. But plz share protecting tips for blogger blog. Blogger have no plugins to protect my adsense account. Now how to protect my adsense account from fraud click on my blogger blog?



Unfortunately no such script or plugin can be created yet because for that we need access to blogspot servers in order to block user IPs with repeated pings based on a suspicious activity observed.

The best you can do is to ensure you may tell AdSense which sites are authorized to display your Ad code by reading this article:

:link: Prevent misuse of your AdSense Code

And also make sure you may not indulge yourself in a conflict/fight with a competitor. Try to be neutral and humble because it helps both online and offline :innocent: