How To Prioritize Visible Content In Blogger?


Hi Guys!

Well first of all I would like to say Eid Mubarak, I know I am late but I was just busy on Eid.

I want to ask a question that

How To Prioritize Visible Content In Blogger?

I was just looking for my blog page speed score using Google Pagespeed Insights and found that error.

I looked for @Shivansh 's blogger guiders page speed score and they were not getting this error so I want to ask that question that how can I fix it?


Brother, this is because of your over-smartness.

Did you ever thought why pro-bloggers like Mohammad keep large scripts and css like Font Awesome, jquery and some more in external scripts? Even they know that these scripts (external) increase loading time?

Its just because they know that if we add that scripts in our template, we get ‘Prioritize visible content’ issue which will help our Pagespeed score.

##How to fix this issue?

Simple! Just copy all scripts and put them in a single notepad file (but give at least one like space between two scripts) and then save them with extension- .js. Now, upload it on (because is fast) and secondly, do the same with big CSS codes. Firstly copy big CSS like fontawesome and remove them and then place the official link of Font Awesome Icons.

###I got confused! How to do that with JavaScript?

  • Firstly, see a big chunk of JavaScript (example- below):

Now, in notepad, just write them as:


Now, host them on For CSS, you can do the same steps and then, save it as .js and then, host it on YourJavaScript (if you save the file with .js extension, then, they will accept CSS also because they never check what is inside the file).

Then, you can use them as:

<script src=''/>


 <link href=''/>

And after it, check that issue (Prioritize visible content). You will see that the issue is vanished!

:smile: Inform me if it worked.


@Shivansh Brother First Of All You Should Have To Check MBT’s PageSpeed Insights They are also facing this issue in desktop view.


Oh I see! They have also added big JavaScript codes in their template.

But you should do that steps to remove that issue.