How to Prevent My Content From Being Copied?


Hi! I just wanted to know how someone can prevent their content from being copied? Google doesn’t give you much support now, does it? Suppose I have a website and am making good content, but don’t know much about SEO. What if some ‘SEO expert’ starts copying my content on his site? What can I do to prevent this? I am obviously the underdog here, and have less authority than the other guy who has had his site longer than me. How do you extricate yourself from such a situation?


You brought up a really interesting question here Qasim. Billions of pages are uploaded daily and with so much competitors around it is as difficult for google to keep an eye on every single page just like it is for you to track down every single violator and keep reporting them. Surely it requires time and resources and this is one core area where Google DMCA: Blogger lack supports. Dozens of our articles are violated on daily basis and when we report the issue to Google, we receive a disappointing reply that asks us to either sort out the matter with violator ourselves or refile a new evidence report to Google. This is the reply we received from google when we reported a site that was illegally creating clone copies of our design and sharing it in public without our permission:


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Upon recent review of:

we were unable to locate the content in question. If this matter is still a concern, please reply to this email with detailed information to enable us to locate the content and we will further investigate your request. Thank you very much for your cooperation and assistance in this matter.

Regards, The Google Team

What more detailed information would Google need than this? Several sites redistributed our brand theme design in this way and we could do nothing to stop them because Google surely has employed some dumb folks at web Spam team who are really not doing enough.

The best way is to make sure you try the following to atleast self-satisfy yourself that you played your part:

  1. File a Violation Report against the Content theft at Google DMCA
  2. Next Send a Polite Reply To the author asking him to respect your copyrights by removing the content or at least ask him to attach an attribution link pointing back to your original content
  3. Wait for the Google reply. If Google did take down the page then Bingo! Else wait for the Violator reply
  4. If the violator did replied in your favor then congratz! Else you have one option left:
  5. Just ignore it!

You did play your part well and now its Google’s part to realize the plagiarism played against you. You do not need to worry. Keep posting your unique content because readers are well matured these days and they know exactly who is playing the bad Guy’s Role.

In my 6 years experience, I have never seen violators surviving online for more than a year, they may be smart today but with penalties such as Penguin and Panda, they can’t hide for a longer period of time.

Can I report someone who is violating copyrights?

Well, the last bit is reassuring. Google’s attitude is disappointing though. For all their brilliant algorithms and what not, they have no way of knowing when the content is being ripped off. Sure, sites that depend only on ripped off content get penalized in the long run. But what about small sites that create original content, but can’t rank higher because the big fish copy content from them? I’ve seen a lot of such websites snuffed out, and even have experienced it myself. A new website has no age, no ranking, and no authority. If you’re not a SEO expert, but create great content on your new site, you run the risk of getting eaten up because the other sites copying from you are older, more authoritative than you. I really hope this changes in the near future


That is the bitter truth of nature. You need to survive in the jungle. Internet is no different a place but a pool where you must make sure to keep struggling. There is only one thing that can rank you well and that is unique and quality content. Pete cashmore was too a small blogger who would post content from techCrunch in a unique style but with time he grew big and now he is an internet celeb and Founder of the biggest social media news blog “Mashable”. MBT was a small blog too at once but we never give up and maintained the habit of posting regularly. Those who copy are lazy publishers who end up their careers quite soon because they run out of creativity ideas but you know your natural strengths. So keep posting and interact with fellow bloggers to build your reputation through backlinks. You must get backlinks to rank well and that is a natural thing which will come to you the sooner you realize that Rich quality content is what you must focus on.


That is true no use of submitting a report to Google, they never cooperate when the content violated has 80% similarity with the duplicate one. It really hurts for sure


Hi @qasimzaib,

You have asked an interesting question. Recently for the first time my blog post got copied on some other blog. And it had Adsense approved. It is really heart breaking to see people earning on other person’s hard work.

The post he copied was one of my popular post, which got maximum shares and comment. And I really felt helpless. I posted a comment on their copied post asking them to delete it. My comment was removed but the post was not deleted.

I further asked my blogger friends Harleena ma’am, Swadhin Agarwal, Sasidhar kareti and some more bloggers to help me out with the issue. And I was really surprised to see the support. I went on to do what they suggested.

I wrote a polite mail asking for the removal of the copied post and I am glad that the copied post was removed within 48 hours.

But in this case I was lucky, but what to do when the copy cats deny taking the copied contents down?

I suggest the following, I just learned this recently:

  1. Send Two polite requests to delete the posts.
  2. Contact their hosting providers and give them proofs that the content was yours.
  3. Check if you could contact the Advertisers on their blog. let them know that they are advertising on a site which hardly believes in creating fresh content.
  4. File DMCA complaint.

And the rest is explained by @Mohammad already. I am pretty shocked to read the the reply of the Google Team. It is sad to see that they have such loose rules for violations. Disappointing!

Thank you @qasimzaib for bringing up this topic. As we know, there are thousands of sites earning money by copying contents but I agree to Mustafa that they miss the long term benefits such as earning BIG, Fame and Respect.


You can simply prevent others to do not copy your content.

1. To prevent the selection of content:

Add the below JS after the <body> section

<script language='JavaScript1.2'>
function disableselect(e){
return false
function reEnable(){
return true
document.onselectstart=new Function (&quot;return false&quot;)
if (window.sidebar){

2. To disable right click on your site:

replace <body> with <body oncontextmenu='return false;'>

One of the WordPress blog is copying my Content badly

Hi @Mr_Raja, Don’t you think disabling right click is not a cool option. If you have some relevant content that can be re-used or if someone wants to quote you so this might not be recommended.

Furthermore, In my opinion, disabling javascript will make this code useless.

Any suggestions or opinions on this?

Thanks, Rohan Chaubey.


I would agree to @Rohan

@Mr_Raja you really have a point but disabling the right click seriously effects your loyal readers and as a result your pageviews. A blog has no meaning if people can not quote it or note down important content from it. All media and textual content must be easily accessible to your visitors in order to build both trust and respect in the eyes of readers.

The above trick can easily be hacked by disabling the browser JavaScript functionality or by copying the content from the source file so it really never helps. You can only fight violators using the methods we shared already


Yes you’re write but this way will decrease spending time making a “Disavow File”. I see most of users are beginners who scrape the whole post and drag it to their own. So number of bad quality links were increase immediately. So if anyone wants to have safe from bad-links then off the right click or at least disable selection.

Disabling the JS in browsing is an advance thing which knows very few people. These are genius users who will never scrape your content because they knows the TOS of Google. if they want your content they will theft it from page view source easily.


Hello @qasimzaib,

Disabling right click on blog is not the right way to deal with plagiarism, we should go with another way to stop plagiarism and remove your copied contents.

If you are disabling right click on blog then peoples will never come back again on your blog so don’t treat your readers like thief.

If you have a high domain authority then just ignore content scrappers and concentrate on your blog :smile:

To prevent your blog from being copied you can use below steps:

  • Add TYNT script in your template
  • Setup Rss footer
  • Add DMCA badge

Recently my friend @Rohan’s content get copied by someone so immediately I decided to write post on that topic.

To find plagiarism: Top 10 Free Online plagiarism Checker Tools

To stop plagiarism: What To Do When Someone Copied Your Blog contents Without Any Permission?

I hope you found my answer the best one! Thanks :smile: