How to move from .tk to .com or any other paid domain without losing site rankings and stats?


I have a blog hosted at blogger with .tk as custom domain. As my blog is getting good response and traffic and it is also approved for AdSense, I want to move it from .tk to .com or any other paid custom domain. Is there any way to do so without losing search rankings, data, and stats? Can anyone help me?


I’m not sure… but still a suggestion

Set up your blogger custom domain to .com or any other paid domain ( Now try redirecting your domain to 301 redirect ) so you don’t loose your existing users. If possible, mention on your website that you have moved to a new domain so you don’t loose the direct hits.

And mention both the domain in your Google Analytics account with ( as primary and others secondary so Google knows that both goes to same and which domain is primary.Hope that would do.