How to merge two blogger blogs?


Hey this is me again :smile: i have another blogger with 40 articles. Now i want to merge that blog with my new blog.


  1. How do i merge two blog?
  2. What will happen to my old blog?
  3. will there be dplicate content issuse?
  4. What should i do before and after merged blogs together?

the old blog has some descent content.


Okay. So this time, you have to do many steps. Actually, I am telling you the way by which you can delete your one blog and the post of that blog will be moved to the second blog. This can be done by importing-exporting…

How do i merge two blog?

As I already told, by the method of importing-exporting. The work we only do is, we export your all data from one blog and import it to other. Its simple! ###Method of Merging two Blogs:

Let’s take your first blog (which you want to merge with other) as ‘a’ and your second blog (in which you want ‘a’ merged) as ‘b’.

Steps are following:

  1. Go to ‘a’ Blog Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Other

  2. Look for the ‘Blog tools’ heading and under it, find ‘Export blog’ link.

  3. Click on it and then, click on ‘Download blog’ button and now, it’ll download all your blog posts on your computer’s local hard drive.

  4. Now, Go to ‘b’ Blog Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Other

  5. Look for the ‘Blog tools’ heading and under it, find 'Import blog’ link.

  6. Choose the file (which had downloaded after clicking on Download blog button from ‘a’ blog dashboard) by file upload present their.

  7. Now, it will publish all your post of your ‘a’ blog to ‘b’ blog.

  8. Optional: Now you can delete your ‘a’ blog by going to ‘a’ blog Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Other > Blog tools > Delete blog > Delete this blog button.

##Will there be duplicate content issue?

Well, this can be ‘yes’ or ‘no’. If you did the step #8, then my answer is ‘no’ but if, you had didn’t done the step 8, my answer is ‘yes’.

##What should i do before and after merged blogs together?

Nothing much. But yeah! You can delete all your post on your ‘a’ blog manually and then install a redirection script that redirect your ‘a’ blog to ‘b’ blog. This will help visitors to find out your blog easily and quickly!



hey thanks. but what about the duplicate content issue? should i first export and delete blog ’ a 'or delete all blog posts in ‘a’ or move to draft?. So google will deindex all the content on blog ‘a’? and after importing to new blog ‘b’ will it treat as new content?

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Please specify the blog with ‘a’ or ‘b’. I got confused.


You can do any of them. But the better one I suggest is deleting you blog’s all posts manually completely and then install a small redirection script on template’s head section. Google will treat it as a new content and after some time, Google will de-index your deleted blog ‘a’ from the search engine. I know this because this was happened with my first blog :stuck_out_tongue:.


how much time it’ll take to deindex deleted old blog ‘a’ ?


Not sure… It really depends upon the number of indexed pages of blog.


Should i wait google to de index old blog ‘a’ before publishing it on ‘b’ ?


Can anyone tell me how to post in this forum? I don’t see any link to do so.


Now, on your old blog( The blog you want to copy all of its posts, comments and pages), One the left side of your blogger dashboard, Click on " Settings".

Scroll down the list of options and click on "Other"

Now, at the top of the next page, you would see "Import Content" and "Backup Content".

You are to click on “Backup Content”. This will backup all your blog’s posts, comments and pages into your computer.

Should in case something were to happen to your blog, keeping regular backups of your blog’s content is highly adviceable.

Now, to upload your downloaded content from the old blog into your new blog, go to "Settings " in the new blog’s dashboard.

A drop list of options would appear, You want to click on "Other"

Now, at the top of the next page, you would see "Import Content" and "Backup Content".

Now, you want to click on "Import Content",

Note: In the old blog, we clicked on “Backup content” . But now in the new blog, we are clicking on “Import Content”.

Now, after clicking on import content, choose the file that was downloaded from the old blog. It is in a " xml " format.

After choosing the file, prove that you’re not a robot by choosing the correct CAPTCHA answers. You can choose to automatically publish all the old posts or not.

Now click on the "Import Button".


Hello Shivansh,

Thanks for sharing, It is help me a lot. Thanks again.