How to make Widget Generator For Blogger


How to make Widget Generator For Blogspot Blog. Make widget generator for Bogspot to help reader to add blog widget with one click like in Wordpress. Make Widget option panel for readers to customize directly widget and can add urls, colours and height & width and other useful functions for readers. I am new so, I does not have permission to add image see snapshot from this link Like this:


Bro I Had Asked the same question in past and got the answer you can also see it-

:link: How to create widget generators


Widget generators are nothing but just a auto pilot thing.Javascript combines 100’s of options possible and replaces some certain codes.I will try to make on for you according to your needs.PM me your type of generator.


Thanks for replay. But I want "How to add input code which do action on other Text or code" For example> I have created a social widget and want to add function to change username directly from the Input box

Like helperblogger use also are using