How to Make The Post Wrapper Width Short?


Hello Friends! I hope Everyone is Fine. I would Like to know that how can I make the post wrapper (on the Home Page) width shorter?

I want to make the width a little bit short because the widgets are not fitting in the sidebar and they come below the Post Wrapper (see the search box widget in the above image) and that makes the blog to load slow. So please can anybody tell me How to Make the Post Wrapper Width a little bit shorter to fit the widgets of the sidebar.

P.S: Will it effect any Responsievness?

Here is the code for this tempalte :


Hello Abdullah!

Please provide your blog link or some demo link of this template because everyone over here is not able to install that template or dig the code which has to be modified.

Whenever there is some kind of customization problem please provide the live demo.

hope you can understand.



Here is the demo of the template :


ok add this code in your css (above ]]></b:skin> )

#content {
  width: 750px;

adjust width 750px according to your needs and please dont forget to tell me the result