How to Make Tech Shadow Blogger Template Responsive?


Hello I read Many Posts about how to make Blogger template Responsive but i was failed to make my Blogger Template Responsive i have a template named Tech shadow Blogger TemplaTe but its not responsive please any one help me Please ? :innocent: I requested you Mustafa Sir the editor to make responsive this template you can find this template from Google name ‘Tech Shadow Bogger Template’


Bro it will take too much time to make this template responsive as no media queries are there in the template so what i suggest you to change your template to a new responsive one. :smile: You can definitely make it responsive but it will take very much time as well as hard work :sweat: so use another template :smiley:

Happy Blogging :wink:


Please Suggest me some templates Like This


Sorry Bro According To Forum Rules I Cannot Suggest You templates As It Is A Part Of Promotion Of products But I Am Giving Some List Through PM :smiley:


Your Answer is google

Go and find blogger template as per your requirement. If your have template related problem post it here I can do my level best to solve your problem