How to Make Online Transactions with PayPal in Pakistan?


Hello and assalam o alaikum to all

I’ve been lately planning to launch an ad campaign through an ad network. The problem is that network only accepts payments through PayPal.

Unfortunately in Pakistan PayPal don’t offer their services here. Nonetheless an account can still be created but you can’t link your bank or credit card with that PayPal account as I earlier stated that they don’t support services in Pakistan.

While doing some online research I found a site called ExchangeZones, It allows users to transfer money frompayzaaccount to apaypalaccount. this means that I can transfer the money I have in my payza account - over to my PayPal account and then make online transactions through PayPal.

Well, the question is will I be able to do that? Because I haven’t linked my credit card with the PayPal account I own. After all, would that money then show up on my PayPal?

It would be great if someone could helo me out with this. There is got to be a way we can use PayPal in countries where it isn’t supported.


W.salam brother,

Of course you can do both the hard way and soft way. The hard ways are several as you mentioned, more like a daisy chain but will cost you much in terms of deductions/commissions by each agent.

I suggest you create an account overseas through a family friend. I am running two accounts on paypal by following this method that I have discussed in detail on this post. Use PayPAl in Iran, Pakistan and Egypt


Hi bro, you can still use Paypal anywhere u want. For me, I am using vcc and linked it to paypal. Note: U need to create US Paypal and linked it with vcc from here:

That is the vcc service which you can deposit balance to that vcc via a lot of method such as BTC.

Hope it can help you. Thx