How to Make My Template Load Faster?


Hello Guys, Please Visit PFCI Tech!. It loads too slow. I want to make it faster. Do you have any idea? I have compressed my css and also all over the html. My html code in blogger(before minifying) is 5000+ lines and after I have compressed it was 1900+ lines. But, There is no change in loading speed. What Can I do?

And Also, Can I introduce your this new help forum on my blog? @Mohammad


Hi Sivansh,

Welcome to the Blogger help forum. In my opinion, we are not allowed to share this anywhere as for now because probably @Mohammad has not launched it officially for his blog readers. I received a private mail from @Templatezy stating to not share links on social media. Tho there is an “Share” button provided and kept enabled. I have the similar doubt myself.

Talking about your template, it looks great!

For making it load faster try considering the following.

  1. Show less posts on the home page. 10 is good. And you also have that notification bar and featured posts so 10 or less would be fine.
  2. If you have third party JavaScript and links in your sidebar, put them in at the bottom of the sidebar.
  3. You have used a lot of scripts for example addthis and lots more. Try removing some of the scripts that aren’t really necessary. I suggest you to remove that heart share buttons as you already have the addthis share buttons on the left side.
  4. Decrease size of the images.
  5. Custom CSS should be on the top.

Here is one of the post at MBT which will guide you more:

I checked your blog loading speed and it took 6 seconds to load. Check this:

I hope this helps. :slight_smile: Regards, Rohan Chaubey.


Oh Thanks. It will really help me I will try all you mentioned.


Oh, You were too quick to reply. Thanks. I am sure this will at least help you a little. :slight_smile:


@Rohan you guys can now openly publicize the forum, I am going to release the news tomorrow to mbt readers.

The tips shared by Rohan are great and I would like to make some corrections and suggestion few more tips:

  1. Nothing eats up Speed more badly than widgets on your blog. Try to avoid repeatedly adding sharing icons and widgets that are meaningless for your blog visitors because they are concerned more about your blog post content then watching those fancy widgets on your sidebar. People rarely notice that!

  2. Show no more than 6-8 posts on homepage

  3. Compress your entire blog CSS with 10 classes at a time using

  4. Keep your scripts just between <head> and </head> .

  • Also compress the scripts manually by removing multiple lines and inlining the entire script in one line. You can also use some online tools for this purpose if you want.
  1. Use CSS Sprites to keep all small images/icons inside a single Image. This decreases http requests and improves load time effectively.

  2. Use CSS background and Gradients, instead of Images

  3. Avoid inline CSS styles as much as possible.

  4. Use a single commenting System. Multiple Commenting system is simply a nonsense game played these days. This badly impacts readability because the comments are spread out on multiple platforms and this rarely gives a look of discussion.

  5. For checking your page speed use this tool:

Hope these tips help you make the best out of your blog buddy


nothing helped me better than cutting down those several stats, alexa, social media widgets on my blog. It loads really fast now after cleaning up my blog sidebar


I also think that. That’s y I have removed some widgets and now, my template loads normally and faster!

And , Mohammad Said:

My Score is 73! and I have also used Google Mobile Friends Tester and I have In this test!



CSS Sprites is faster than Font Awesome Icons? Which of these two options is more feasible to use the Blogger platform?


CSS Sprites & FontAwesome Icons are totally different. CSS sprites is “collection” of images and FontAwesome is a font and a collection of “SVG” icons.

So, how can you compare them?


Shivansh, thank you!

I wanted to know, because I did not know which of these two methods loads faster on the Blogger platform.


help me. my blogger post only show in 3 posts why


go to layout > edit your post > main page options;

or go to helplogger website and put in there how-to-add-numbered-page-navigation-widget-for-blogger and read the article, i cant give u the link because i’m new here (seems that new users cant put links).