How to make my current drop down menu in columns?


My template came with an drop down menu, although it has no columns and I plan on adding more titles and I don’t want all of them to be under one column or else it would look bad so how to change them into 2 columns or 3 columns atleast? Thank you

Also please advise me whether I should keep this drop down menu or change it

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You can do it easily. Just put one more ul and li in the code. Here’s one example that would help you:

<li class="dropdown"><a href="#">Top 5</a>
<li><a href="">Photography</a><ul><li class="dropdown">Hello!</li></ul></li>

You can surely make it more complex by just putting ul and li once again in sub-sub-menu. Example:

<li class="dropdown"><a href="#">Top 5</a>
<li><a href="">Photography</a><ul><li class="dropdown">Hello!<ul><li class="dropdown">Hello!</li></ul></li></ul></li>

##Extra Tip:

I have one more code for making your facebook like box widget better. Just add this CSS above ]]></b:skin> in your template:

#fbplikebox {
  height: 214px;

Thanks! :smile: Good Luck! :+1:


Thank you for taking the time to reply me out. My fb bar is improved although i didn’t get what i want for the drop down menu, as I said I wanted to add one more column like the one I already have so I can post more links :stuck_out_tongue: